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Master The person who brings everything together, customer contact and contractors and designers. Jess meets with all parties and works on the design concepts. She will bring your plans to life within CAD drawings and can even process you pieces of terrazzo. Nothing is too hard for this team member. Jess also write specifications for projects and can create the sample for tendering.


Terrazzo Artist Technical and polishing expert. Matt will pour your terrazzo floors and pieces, then grind and polish them. Matt is also our expert in running the CNC machine. By meeting in our office or onsite Matt can go through the different requirements needed to make the project work. With years of experience he can advise you on your best options.

In the terrazzo industry, the integration of CNC technology allows for greater customization, intricate detailing, and efficient production processes. It combines the craftsmanship of terrazzo with the precision and capabilities of advanced machining, resulting in high-quality, bespoke terrazzo products. The CNC along with our Genie polisher and our bridge saw are the major tools whick help bring the terrazzo to life.


At DM Terrazzo® we take pride in being the epitome of craftsmanship, bringing your vision to life with our bespoke terrazzo creations. Specializing in custom-made terrazzo floors, thresholds, stairs and benchtops, we are dedicated to elevating spaces with the timeless beauty and durability of this unique material.

  • Crafted to Perfection: Every terrazzo product is made to order, allowing you to be the architect of your space. Our skilled artisans meticulously handcraft each piece, ensuring a flawless finish that surpasses expectations.

  • Unique Designs: Embrace the luxury of uniqueness. We collaborate with our clients to design custom terrazzo patterns, colors, and compositions, ensuring that each creation is as distinct as the space it inhabits.

  • Durability and Quality: Our commitment to quality extends beyond aesthetics. We use premium materials and advanced techniques to create terrazzo products that stand the test of time, both in terms of style and durability.


CAD-designed terrazzo combines the traditional craftsmanship of terrazzo with the precision and efficiency afforded by digital technology. It is particularly valuable for creating unique and complex patterns, enabling designers to bring innovative and customized terrazzo solutions to life.

Breton NC 300 CNC Machine

Enjoy the best
design and functions combined together

DM Terrazzo® uses the Breton NC 300 which enables the creation of terrazzo products with complex shapes and geometrics thta may be challenging or impossible to achieve with tradtiional methods. CNC machines can also be used for engraving or etching patterns, textures or details onto the surface of the terrazzo. CNC machines can also be used to create custom inlays and logos within terrazzo surfaces. Whether its a buisness logo in a lobby floor or a personalized design in a countertop, CNC machining allows for a details and accurate execution. 


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