How do we create DM Terrazzo

The Process

Step 1: Measure and Quote

The first step in the process is a phone consult. This way we can determine your needs. The design can begin from a simple sketch or plans. If this is for specialised finishes such as tabletops, coving, balls; we may need to design our own plans.

A site visit is not unusual at this point [though not always necessary] to enable additional measurements to be taken and to determine sub-floors. We need to inspect this to ensure the Terrazzo will be able to bond to the sub-floor or if a new sub floor needs to be installed.

dm terrazzo

Step 2: Design

We will walk away and start designing. We will create samples for approval and test out different methods for execution to get the best result. There are two parts to manufacturing and that depends what type of terrazzo we are creating. If we are creating some specialist piece for you, we need to create a mold.

black terrazzo

Step 3: Manufacture

The mould making requires very skilled professional. We create molds from various materials like wood, metal, rubber, foam, plastic and 3D printing, fiberglass or any combination of these. Molds are created in reverse and negative to the required final product. Each project requires careful consideration and often several attempts, to achieve the strengths, angles and desired design. This will then be ground and polished within our factory and transported to you completed. If pouring a floor manufacturing involved creating the recipe and arranging correct batches to be completed on site.

Step 4. Delivery

This is a big day, for your floor we will first prep the sub-floor, install the new terrazzo floor and then polish and seal. The timeline depends on the intricacy and size of the project. For your specialised piece such as a bench-top/fireplace. We will transport and install your piece on site. If needed further sealing will occur after installed. Please contact us for a certified installer of DM Terrazzo ®

terrazzo step

There are Many steps in the process of creating any terrazzo project. Below depicts a video of how our in situ floor is mixed on site prior to pouring