Terrazzo Maintenance And Floor Care​

When properly cared for, terrazzo floors can last a lifetime. What affects the lifetime of the floor is adequate cleaning and maintenance. One of the benefits of terrazzo is its ease of maintenance, they are easy to clean and with a few simple steps, you can reduce potential issues and maintain the  terrazzo floor throughout its lifetime.

MAINTENANCE PRECAUTIONS: Harsh cleaners and sealers can damage terrazzo. Only materials that are neutral pH should be used when scrubbing or mopping floors. Sealers should achieve a slip resistance coefficient of friction rating applicable to code. Water-based sealers are most commonly recommended and utilized today. Mop on, in one or more coats, in accordance with the instructions of the sealer manufacturer. This can also be followed by a water-based finish (dressing) for daily or weekly buffing if a high sheen is desired. Most sealers will say on their TDS what cleaning chemicals they recommend. Please ask us what cleaners are recommended for your floor finish. 

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This is 100% dictated by the type of sealer used on the Terrazzo Floor. The procedure for a terrazzo floor finished using Diamond polishing methods is different to one that has been finished with a topical sealer. Both however will recommend the use of a neutral based cleaner as a regular cleaner. 

FAQ: “How often must we sweep or scrub this floor?”

This is dependent on the traffic that frequents the area. In your home the floor will not get anywhere near the traffic a shopping Centre might so frequency and level of cleaning will differ even if the methods are the same. Daily dust mopping is a requirement in most public buildings. Daily dust mopping removes both the dust and the grit tracked into the building. The better you take care of your floor the longer it will last before it requires revitalizing.