Choosing your final terrazzo finish whether it is for floirs, walls or benches is a journey. Not one size fits all. We will work you through the process to find you fit.


below is some examples of mix designs in 6 collections. You are not limited to this and can choose a bespoke deisgn of your own.


Contractors can purchase the aggregates directly from us and the colour packs. This way you can create your own finish. Please contact us and we can put packs together for you.

Terrazzo Samples 

With each new project your own specialised sample is created and approved prior to installion. Contact our design team today to create you specialised sample

Snow Range

As the name suggests this is the whiter range of DM Terrazzo

Let there be glass 

DM Terrazzo gets a range of colour glass from around the world to bring its terrazzo to life. 

Tru Blue

Bue glass and a blue base is the inspriration for the Tru Blue Terrazzo 

Traditional Range

Some Terrazzo stands the test of time and this is the traditional Terrazz range

Bespoke Range

DM Terrazzo love nothing more than creating a bespoke peice of terrazzo art. Come to us with your ideas and we will translate them into terrazzo.

Grey Range

You can have Grey Terrazzo but it doesnt need to be plain it can be whatever you want it to be.