The Design Process

Terrazzo Overlay System

DM Terrazzo is truly unique  with unlimited potential and customization possibilities

Dm TerrazzoTM,  no epoxies, no resins, no reinforcing (in floors). Created with CSA cement mixtures such as Rapidset Tru and Velocit, our concrete overlay showcases the natural tonal variation and strength of real concrete.
A premium, poured insitu concrete system, DM TerrazzoTM is available in an endless combination of colours and aggregates, no two installations are ever the same.


With every masterpiece there is a design process and necessary steps to create the design. These steps are outlined here.


Choose Your Base Colour

Either choose from our range of standard base colours or bring your ideas to us and we will work with our manufacturers to design a base colour that suits your needs. 


Choose Your Aggregate

Either no aggregate, or glass, marble, shell, mirror. There are lots of variations and recipes of mixture that can be used. Either choose a already tested design or visit us in our showroom to work with the different materials and design your own. 


Choose Your Finish

Matte, Satin or Gloss. 
This is your first choice, then depending on your application the types of sealers or method of diamon polishing can be altered. Not every project is the same and we custom design each and every project.

Do you know what you want?

Its ok if you dont we are happy to have an obligation free consult with you. Getting the right combination of aggregates and sizes and colours can take a few attempts, this is why we create samples.

Send us an email or give the team at DM TerrazzoTM a call and we can help you start your project.

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